I have put together a number of frequently asked questions to help you, however if you are unable to find the answer here then please do not hesitate to contact me

How to find your hat size

Using a soft tape measure, place it around your head just above the ears, around the widest point of your head at the back and just above your eyebrows.  (roughly where you will be wearing your hat). 

Place the tape softly, do not pull too tight as this will make the hat a tight fit.  If you are inbetween cm's then round up to the next whole size as it is better to have a hat slighly big rather than too small.  Please provide your size in cm.

PLEASE NOTE - do not provide your measurements using the inner band of an existing hat, as these can shrink or expand over time and will not be accurate.

The following YouTube video may help with how to measure your head size

Caring for your hat

 I hope that you get many years of enjoyment from your hat, here are a few care tips to help.

- Do not scruch, fold or pinch your hat too hard as it can cause the hat to be damaged or the straw to crack

- Panamas - not all panamas are rollable, if you do roll your hat you it will lose its shape, only hats will a pleat in the middle can be rolled.

- Do not get your hat wet as it lose its shape

How to wear a hat with elastic

- Tie your hat up in a pony tail, it makes it easier to put your hat on. 

- Hold the hat on the right hand of your head (unless you have had it made to sit on your left) so that it is sitting above your eyebrow. 

- Stretch the elastic around the back of your head and place it behind your ears, under your hair. 

- Then style your hair around your headpiece.